Welcome to Astrology in You 

Hello, I'm Kerrie Hourigan, Thank You for Visiting!

Firlsty, I am an "astrology lover" not yet certified so I created "The Astrology in You" website to provide education, tutorials and information to help me understand Astrology, in particular Evolutionary Astrology.  I wanted to go down the Rabbit Hole to find out more to understand what my life is about.   I came across Evolutionary Astrology and knew I had found what I was searching for. 

Evolutionary Astrology is understanding our structured Consciousness of the SOUL, EGO in our human form.  Our life lessons as an individual for our evolutionary purposes.  In saying that we are all at different stages of development.   For this we must include the principals of reincarnation as some of us have been here many times and for others only a few.   

It is the “Astrology in You” from an Evolutionary perspective that reveals how events in the heavens are not negative or positive, but energy.  Often, events happening Above are seen as negative or positive and this can be interpreted as punishment or reward.   This can be damaging to take this perspective as we miss the life lessons for ourselves. 

Astrology is about cycles of time; there are times of constriction and times of expansion which can occur at the most extremes.  The key is in understanding the life lesson for us in these events and experiences that includes the human family.   

Evolutionary Astrology is used as a tool for an individual's evolution therefore focuses on understanding the structured Consciousness in human form and the evolution and awareness to keep ascending and developing.

Looking at astronomy and applying Evolutionary Astrology answers the why's, what and how we can manage this energy in a productive way to understand our life lessons more deeply for our SOUL's evolution and development. 

To continue the development of the SOUL, we must have an EGO.  The idea is not to do battle with our EGO, but to align with our EGO to support ourselves gently, kindly, with love and understanding.   

Understanding This Better:

"Evolutionary Astrology embraces the paradigms and methodologies which specifically measure the growth of a SOUL from life to life incorporating the dual principals of the Desire to seperate from where we come from (Source/God/Goddess) and the Desire to return to where we come from (Source/God/Goddess).  EA was developed by the magnificent Jeffrey Wolf Green aligning to set of philisophical principals defined by natural law".   (Source:  www.evolutionaryastrology.net)

In my own life I can see now how the most traumatic and difficult times were necessary for my own development.  I can say now I am grateful for those experiences and my "karma mates" that turned up right on time to give me the most impactful experiences and lessons that changed my life for the better.   I couldn't say that before but I can say it now.  It doesn't mean these experiences will stop but I am aware of the untold riches within them, sometimes buried so deep it can take a complete fracturing to find them.   It is not easy but I have realised only good will come as a result of them.   

For as long as I can remember I was always asking "Why Was I Born? "How Did I Get Here", "Where Did I Come From" "What Happens To Me When I Die" These questions have been the driving force of my constant search and it was Evolutionary Astrology that helped me find the answers I was looking for. 

EA is a psychologically and spiritually based astrology that includes the principals of reincarnation.  Therefore it helped explain feelings of terror, panic  and trauma I experienced at times for no apparent reason.   

I began to discover the mystery of me and will continue my Quest for the rest of my life.  I am forever on a learning journey continually discovering how fascinating I am! :)

I found such relief in exploring and discovery things about myself that gave me peace and taught me to treat myself more gently with understanding and love. 

So, I decided to create this website continue to teach myself and deepen my own understanding and I would be thrilled for you to join me.  After all, teaching is the best way to learn and in doing so continue on my Quest.

I know how much astrology has helped me and I would love it to help you to.  You will treat yourself kinder with love and understanding, know why you are here and be the "love of your life".  In turn be a better son, daughter, partner, parent, aunty, uncle, friend and have a fulfilling life. 

Realise you have "karma mates" who will (inbeknowns to them and you) bring to the surface difficult issues to be dealt with that can be so excruciating, it's unbearable to think about.......but knowing they carry a life lesson will bring you peace and help to end your suffering.     

I hope you will find what you are looking for here, if not I'll have many resources for you to keep you on your path and we will be so much fun...... I'm all for that!

So join me on the AMAZING Quest, the Hero's Journey afterall you are your own Hero!

Let's take this journey together and you to will find out how FASCINATING you truly are!