Feb. 6, 2021

Full Moon in Leo 29th January 2021 - Heat and Power

Full Moon in Leo 29th January 2021 - Heat and Power

This is the first Full Moon of 2021 and this is packed with heat and power with the blending of these energies.   This is a time to “be aware” as it calls for compromise especially with all the other powerful energies at work.  This “power”

The Moon: represents our world of emotions, feelings, inner security, what fulfills us on a daily basis and is that very private part of ourselves.

Representing our EGO and self-image, it is the mother or the mother figure in our lives, sensitivity, imagination, intuition, our internal mother, our subconscious, and our instinctive emotional patterns. 

Other areas that are under the influence of  the Moon are birth, death, mass consciousness, and the rhythms of the body (if you think of the ebb and flow of the tides) are all influenced by the Moon.

Unhealthy Side of the Moon:

Because the Moon rules the “feeling nature” of humans there are no rules or guidelines to follow.  Our responses are through our emotions that can be unreasonable, irrational, out of control and distorted.  

The Full Moon  is when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other.  This represents a “completion, closure or culmination”.  This is where the energy of the Moon begins it “waning” phase expressing the energy outward.   This is a time to “let go” as well.  This is also opposing forces where conflict can be triggered so it is recommended to learn some diplomacy and strategies.     

Leo is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by Sun, its natural home is the 5th house of creativity, children, romance and speculation and gambling just to mention some of the basics.

Although Leo is a male sign (meaning “energy is sent outward”)   Medically ruling the heart, aorta, blood pressure and the spine.

Leo energy is creative, positive, bold, courageous, generous and fun to be around.   They are the romantics of the zodiac, charming and charismatic.  They attract the praise of others and love the being in the spotlight.  This does not necessarily mean in the public arena although it can by all means, but it could be in the workplace, their family or their group of friends.  They are the performer, engaging and entertaining.

Bright and cheerful they are “sunny” and love to inspire others. Easily connecting with children and usually have a very positive outlook for the future.   They are loyal and honest and like all fire signs they can be direct and will tell you how it is.

Symbolised by the lion, Leo is royal with a sense of pride overseeing their kingdom and the citizens therein.  If you have planets in Leo those energies will be expressed with pride, courage and flair.

When Leo expresses the highest frequency of its energy it inspires and encourages others to take centre stage.  However the lower energies of Leo can be overly dramatic, arrogant, and self-centred.  It is wise to keep away from the drama of Leo and stubbornness due to the fixed energy and attention seeking behaviour.  

The distorted energy of Leo will see how far it will go to get attention, this is due to the insecurity of not feeling appreciated and sometimes adored.   Leo lessons can be difficult and painful when this energy is in the lower frequencies.

Full Moon in Leo:

The Full Moon in Leo at 9°, 5 minutes you may want to see where this is in your chart and what other planets you have a 9°.  

This could be time of bring creative projects to completion or finalising creative plans.  You may find yourself wanting the attention but pulling back or withdrawing, feelings of neediness may surface.  If this happens you may want to look at any feelings to do with lack of confidence and self-esteem.

You may find yourself becoming more distant from those you don’t feel a spiritual connection with and closer to those you do.

Watch you don’t get caught up in the drama of the Leo energy.  Reactions can be over the top and theatrical.   If you are finding tension is building, rise above it, take a walk, hug the dog, cat or tree to centre and ground yourself.   

If you are experiencing drama, it is vital you can manage your emotions, getting in nature and finding time to meditate will help.  If it’s someone else find somewhere where you are out of the way.  Have some strategies in place where you can find a space to collect yourself.  Place your attention on your heart and breathe through it.....imagine your heart as your lungs, this will put your mind and body in congruency (alignment).

This Full Moon in Leo is about staying and dropping into your heart.  This Full Moon has lots of energy.  This is a time where you may want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated, however, it can be a time to let go of the need to be appreciated and appreciated.  This is also a time to share your creativity.

There are huge changes unfolding, stay in your heart, don’t buy into any drama, try to look at things objectively.

T-Square with Full Moon in Leo and Conjunct Mars and Uranus:

Just before I finish, I must mention the Full Moon in Leo is in a T-Square to Uranus and Mars in Taurus.  T-Square formations creates an “imbalance” resulting in tension because it is like a pressure cooker. Think of a three legged chair unable to find balance, creating anxiety due to the edginess and stressful feelings.  This can bring up compulsive behaviour. So the empty end must be filled in for stability. 

As this pattern is in “Fixed Signs” there is a tendency to want to keep things as they are with continual rigidity.   The focal point of this pattern is Mars conjunct Uranus.

Mars conjunct Uranus create an extremely powerful combination suggesting sudden explosive shocks to release the pressure.

The determination of the patriarchy, governments, and old systems to keep things as they are will not continue.  The old ways do not work and will continue to crumble so we can keep moving towards for a better future for all living creatures and our planet.

This T-Square can also be liberating helping us break free of old ways in our own lives.  Where are you stuck in old ways that aren’t working anymore.

Keep yourself in a higher vibration with meditations, taking care of mind and body and being in nature.  Do not buy into the fear and stress.  See the work of Byron Katie for the process to help you find peace in your life.

We can’t change or fix the world, but we can change and fix our own world.

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Kerrie Hourigan