Feb. 24, 2021

New Moon in Aquarius 12 February 2021: Setting Seeds for a New Future

New Moon in Aquarius 12 February 2021:  Setting Seeds for a New Future

Setting Seeds For a New Future

This is the most important New Moon of 2021 signifying the beginning of a new beginning of a new cycle where you set your intention.

In this video podcast I’ll be talking about what this will represent for you and looking at Australia as well.  As you can see there is an AMAZING stelium in Aquarius.

The Moon: represents our world of emotions, feelings, inner security, what fulfills us on a daily basis and is that very private part of ourselves.

Representing our mother or the mother figure in our lives, along with sensitivity, imagination, sympathy, our internal mother, our subconscious, and our instinctive patterns. 

Other areas that are under the influence of  the Moon are birth, death, mass consciousness, and the rhythms of the body (if you think of the ebb and flow of the tides) which are all influenced by the Moon.

Unhealthy Side of the Moon:

Because the Moon rules the “feeling nature” of humans there are no rules or guidelines to follow.  Our responses are through our emotions that can be unreasonable, out of control and distorted.  

The New Moon is where we set our intentions as it is the beginning of a new cycle.

Check to see what house this is occurring as this is where you will begin your new cycle.  (go to www.astro.com for a free chart and transits)

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign ruled by Uranus, its natural home is the 11th house where in traditional astrology we find friends, small groups as in teamwork and common goals, hopes, wishes and community to name a few.  

Symbolised by the Water Bearer it pours the water of knowledge over all humanity to benefit each and everyone.

Although Aquarius is a male sign meaning it is a yang energy meaning it is sent outward it is about being responsible, having persistence, authority, common sense, and maturity.   Medically ruling the calves, shins, ankles and Achilles heal. 

Aquarius is futuristic, idealistic, unconventional and does not run with the mob.   The focused energy of Aquarius enables us to become detached and objective. 

These attributes are necessary when there is too much emotion involved and our thinking is foggy and clouded.  Aquarius gives the ability to rise above to see the whole picture and find clarity.

Aquarius removes old patterns that keep us stuck in past patterns.  Aquarius dares us to break traditional routines which keep us deeply stuck in old patterns. It is rebellious and motivates us to become more enlightened, compassionate and loving to all living things.

The wonderful thing about Aquarius is that it’s about breaking new ground.  It can for some be the way out of wallowing in your emotions allowing you to take a more analytical look at your life.

If you don’t know where Aquarius is transiting through your chart prepare yourself for surprises that’s why it is a good idea to check in with your own astrology and.  Checking in with your own astrology is incredibly powerful and you can really set the seeds for your future.

For relationships whether they are friendships or partnerships, the Aquarian energy needs freedom.  If there are limits that are too restrictive will lead to rebellion and sudden shocks.     

The New Cycle Begins:

New Cycles always Signify Old Cycles are Ending....As We Let Go of the Old, We Make Way for the New.....

New Moon in Aquarius:

As the New Moon in Aquarius at 23 degrees at 4:01pm here in Australia.  This time will change depending on your location.    

The New Moon in Aquarius is like a doorway into a new cycle with six planets in Aquarius (counting the Sun and Moon) in this super stelium.   Each of the planets  are contributing to this New Moon encouraging us to move forward not only as individuals but for the human family as a whole.

Most astrologers were talking about Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in 2020.  Also worth noting Saturn and Pluto were also in a conjunction at 23 degrees in January of 2020.    Think how much our lives have changed since then. 

We are now ready to set our intentions from a new perspective for the future and go forward.

This showed us what isn’t working with the distorted patriarchy views of “taking, hoarding and excluding” where now these planets have moved on we see change will come with the matriarchal energy of “giving, sharing and including”. 

We start in our own world, our family, then our community and so it catches on.  Aquarius shows us how things work for the whole. 

Super Stelium in Aquarius:

Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius at this time giving us a chance to consider our future, what ideas, concepts, and thoughts we have about it.  It is time to think about how we are different.   

Mars is squaring Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Aquarius.  There can be some tension as Mars sits in the Earth sign of Taurus is wanting to begin to create in the physical world from the ideas and concepts of these three planets leading to frustrations.

More inner tension will be experienced as Saturn forms a square to Uranus on 17th February wanting more freedom from structure in your life.   There could be more shake ups and sudden disruptions with feelings of rebelliousness, indecision and irritability.    

Pluto is still in Capricorn till 21st January 2024 (Australian Time), until then the old distorted patriarchal ways that do not work any more will continue to crumble and implode.  Pluto deconstructs and destroys, this is necessary to make way for the new Age of Aquarius albeit a couple of hundreds of years to go.

In closing keep a watch from the lofty heights, be the Eagle that soars above with objectivity.    Keep your attention on your future and do not buy into fear.

This is one of the greatest times in human history as we move towards a more giving, sharing and including future for all of nature that we are part of.

Remember where your focus is so is your energy.  If you focus on fear and lack you will recieve more fear and more lack.  Focus on your ideal future and what kind of a world you want to live in.

  "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes"

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Blessings to all,

Kerrie Hourigan