Feb. 6, 2021

New Moon in Capricorn 13th January 2021 - Setting the Theme for 2021

New Moon in Capricorn 13th January 2021 - Setting the Theme for 2021

Setting the Theme for 2021

This is the first New Moon of 2021 is at 23 degrees, 13 minutes of Capricorn setting the tone throughout the year.  This New Moon is about working towards what you want to achieve.  We will also look to what other energies are at play at this powerful time.

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Lets Begin...

The Moon: represents our world of emotions, feelings, inner security, what fulfills us on a daily basis and what is that very private part of ourselves.  Representing our EGO and self-image, it is the mother or the mother figure in our lives, sensitivity, imagination, intuition, our internal mother, our subconscious, and our instinctive emotional patterns.

Other areas that are under the influence of  the Moon are birth, death, mass consciousness, and the rhythms of the body (if you think of the ebb and flow of the tides) which are all influenced by the Moon.

Unhealthy Side of the Moon:

Because the Moon rules the “feeling nature” of humans there are no rules or guidelines to follow.  Our responses are through our emotions that can be unreasonable, out of control and distorted with acute sensitivity, irrationality and withdrawal.   

The New Moon is where we set our intentions as it is the beginning of a new cycle.  

Capricorn is an initiating Earth sign ruled by Saturn, its natural home is the 10th house where we bring ourselves before the public arena.  

Although Capricorn is a feminine sign (meaning “it is internal where we are sent inward”) it is about being responsible, having persistence, authority, common sense, and maturity.   Medically ruling the knees, bones, joints, skin, and hair. 

Like the mountain goat Capricorn climbs as it goes step by step with patience and persistence to reach the summit or its goal.   The focused energy of Capricorn enables the ability to achieve the objective no matter what, therefore it is no surprise “big business” is ruled by Capricorn.  Capricorn diligently performs the tasks that must be carried out.

Capricorn has great strength and a strong sense of purpose with practicality and discipline with qualities of leadership and integrity.  Dependable and confident in themselves, they can instil this in others.

The lower energies of Capricorn are sometimes expressed as being cold, unfeeling and with little concern to family members and those close to them.  

They can be oblivious to hurt they inflict and can show total disregard to another’s feelings when wanting their own way.   They are to be reminded that others have the right to their own opinion, feelings, and freedom. 

New Moon in Capricorn:



The New Moon in Capricorn signifies the beginning of a new cycle to begin to achieve what you want by setting your intentions for the year ahead with discipline with the desire to achieve being purposeful. 

The New Cycle Begins:

New Cycles always Signify Old Cycles are Ending.......As We Let Go of the Old, We Make Way for the New.....

As the New Moon in Capricorn is at 23 degrees at 4:01pm here in Australia, the time will change depending on your location.

It is worth noting Saturn and Pluto were also in a conjunction at 23 degrees in January of 2020.    Think how much our lives have changed since then. 

We are now ready to set our intentions from a new perspective and go forward.

The Earth sign of Capricorn grounds us and encourages us to reconnect with the Earth.  

New Moon Conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn:

The New Moon is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto entered Capricorn on 27th January 2008 that correlated to the upheaval and dishevelling of the financial system with the GFC.  Pluto, the archetype of deconstruction and transformation will reveal more disclosure of corruption in politics and big business.  This is necessary as we see the old ways do not work anymore and new ways of more equality are required for the human family to move forward.  

This powerful energy of will help you let go of the old ways and make changes from what you have done in the past that no longer serve you and just don’t work anymore.  This is time to say “I will not do “that” anymore” 

Capricorn is where respect is earned and most importantly in the respect one has of oneself.  Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, you may consider in respecting your own boundaries you will earn your own self-respect.  

Here you can claim your self-empowerment and integrity.

Some of you may feel there is an ending of an old cycle that is on a “soul level”.  It is time to look ahead and see the opportunities that you can start anew.

Venus in Capricorn:

Known as the planet of love and beauty brings a more serious side to Venus.   This new cycle placement for Venus suggests more caution at the same time intensifies her ambition for the prestige and status.  This is a Venus that has a focused mind and knows what she wants.  She may hold back on showing her feelings outwardly, even feeling at times very timid and reserved.

This placement is powerful for Venus as she develops a healthy sense of self worth and what she is capable of.

Venus Trines Mars and Uranus:  

The Trine aspect suggests “harmony” and the good we have given out to return to us.   Both Mars and Uranus in conjunction sit in another Earth sign of Taurus which are supporting Venus the natural ruler of Taurus.   Mars and Uranus are very powerful, can be explosive where you need to be conscious and aware.  There is a sense of letting go of what is not needed in your life anymore. 

The trine of Mars and Venus is harmonious adding Uranus can also suggest unexpected and exciting events into your life.  As Venus and Taurus relate to money may event imply the ability to attract money as well.

Chiron Squaring Venus: 

Be aware the squaring (90° angle) between Chiron in Aries and Venus may bring up feelings of worthiness.  Doubt may creep in if you have thoughts of you have to go it alone or you may feel overly independent.  This is the time to “let go” of all doubt and fear.   

Remember you have the support of Uranus and Mars energy to help you along the way.    

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius Contributing to the Energy of the New Moon in Capricorn:

To further help to enter into a new cycle the energies of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius brings the new start in serving the whole. 

Since last January when Saturn and Pluto came together in Capricorn you have all put certain things in place.  Be aware you can find the higher understanding with  responsibilities resulting in letting go and detaching from what does not serve you anymore leading to self-respect.   In doing this you contribute to the whole by taking care of yourself.

Mercury also makes a contribution as it sits in Aquarius bringing new ideas, concepts to the mix with conversations with others.  The Aquarian energy is encouraging us to move forward from what we have learned and achieved to what we want to achieve.

The planetary alignments of 2020 have changed us all.  We are moving towards the Age of Aquarius albeit we have a way to go.  This will take a few more generations, but it is “us” who are setting the seeds of change to a world of equality, compassion, creativity and community.   This is an amazing time to be alive now, you are a crucial part of this time.

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Blessings to all,

Kerrie Hourigan