September 17, 2021

EP018: Full Moon in Pisces: 20th September 2021: Healing Within

Full Moon in Pisces on 20th September, 2021 happening at 28 degrees and 13 minutes.   Full Phase:  A time of Meaning or Completion:  Release The Full Phase is primarily the beginning of a waning cycle.  Our initial intention or something in our lives has...

September 06, 2021

EP017: New Moon in Virgo 6 or 7th September 2021: Manifesting Your New Intention with Diversity

New Moon in Virgo on 6 or 7th September, 2021 happening at 14 degrees and 38 minutes.   New Phase:  Set your new intention is to bring something into manifestation using your creative abilities to actualise your desire. The New Phase is primarily the beg...

August 19, 2021

EP016: Full Moon in Aquarius 22nd August 2021: The Turning Point to Adapt to Great Change

Full Moon in Aquarius on 22nd August, 2021 happening at 29 degrees and 36 minutes.   We all feel the intensity and the changes at the current time.   This concentration of energy in Aquarius this year and in the last month is reflecting the shift that is...

August 08, 2021

EP015: New Moon in Leo and the Lionsgate: 8th August 2021: Openings for Your Destiny and Highest Potential Awaits

The  New Moon in Leo and the Lionsgate happening on the 8th August at 16°, 14 minutes so check to see where this is happening in your chart.   For those of you who don’t have this,  I’ve created a video to show you how you can create a free natal chart w...

July 19, 2021

EP014: Full Moon in Aquarius: 24th July 2021: What Energises You For Your Future?

The Full Moon in Aquarius will be happening on the 24th July at 1°, 26 minutes so check to see where this is happening in your chart.   For those of you who don’t have this,  I’ve created a video to show you how you can create a free natal chart with tra...

July 10, 2021

EP013: New Moon in Cancer 9/10th July 2021: Setting the Seed for Emotional Fulfilment

The New Moon in Cancer will be at 18 degrees and 1 minute so check your chart to see where this falls.   In the New Moon cycle we have the Moon and Sun together.   This brings our emotions and our hearts intelligence together.  Tapping into your emotions, sense of security and intuition will help guide you on your new cycle.   This will require trusting in yourself to do what you need to do for emotional fulfillment.   You can see why it is important to see where this is happening in your chart.

June 18, 2021

Full Moon in Capricorn 25th June 2021: Revise Decisions for Your Future

Full Moon in Capricorn Illuminating Decisions for Your Future In the Full Moon in Capricorn you can start by looking at what you have accomplished so far and where you have made progress.   With Capricorn being an Earth sign this will ground the emotions...

June 09, 2021

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini: 10th June 2021: Powerful New Beginning

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is a powerful huge "new beginning". As we are going through this great change we have five planets in mutable signs allowing adaptability and flexibility that can also feel very unstable.  On the other hand these plac...

May 25, 2021

Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse 26th May, 2021 - A Time of Great Change

The Super Full Moon will be happening at 5 degrees 25 minutes with the Total Lunar Eclipse occuring just 4 minutes later.  This is a very powerful event for change.  Change is necessary and this will be an opportunity for you to let go of what does not s...

May 12, 2021

New Moon in Taurus 12th May 2021: Building a Strong Foundation Based on Your Values

The New Moon in Taurus will be at 21 degrees 17 minutes, so check to see where this is happening in your chart.  Look at what your priority is right now because this is about building something for your future.  Get a clear intention of what you want for...

April 26, 2021

Full "Super" Moon in Scorpio 27th April, 2021: Take Time to Consider Your Way Ahead

The Full Moon in Scorpio is happening at 7 degrees and 6 minutes.   There is much fixed energy suggesting to take your time and look within as to where you are now and how you want to move forward.    Check to see where the Full Moon in Scorpio is transiting in your chart for you to take time to pause and consider.  The 4 planets (Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Sun) are massing in Taurus.  This suggest marking time to build a solid foundation while all these planets are squaring Saturn in Aquarius creating an obstacle or tension in wanting to move forward.  Saturn being the lord of time will slow things down creating some frustration.  This is another sign to slow down and take your time.  Thank You So Much for Listening!  Many Blessings to You and Yours Kerrie Would you like a FREE Mini Astrology Natal Chart and Report?  Just click here:

April 21, 2021

New Moon in Aries 12th April 2021: Launching a New Beginning

The Aries New Moon begins the new astrological year with a boost.   The New Moon is joined by the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Chiron also in Aries.   This is an incredible New Moon event will help support you and give a boost to your new ideas, concepts and changes. With all these planets in Aries creating a stelium brings us back to ourselves as we are today and what we want to initiate in this new cycle. With this New Moon in Aries we have a greater sense of self-awareness. This energy will move you forward as there is no going back.

April 09, 2021

Full Moon in Libra 29th March, 2021: Balance the Heart

The Full Moon in Libra will be at 8 degrees and 18 minutes on the 29th Libra in Australia. Check your location to see time and in what house this will fall in your own chart. The Moon represents our inner world of emotions an...

March 25, 2021

New Moon in Pisces - 13th March 2021: Healing from the Old to Begin the New

The New Moon in Pisces happening at 23 degrees and 3 minutes is the ideal opportunity to let go of old burdens to begin the new cycle.   With both Venus and Neptune also in Pisces conjuncting both the Sun and the Moon allowing loving and supporting energ...

March 20, 2021

Full Moon in Virgo 27 February 2021: Feeling and Healing

The Full Moon in Virgo at 8 degrees and 57 minutes (9 degrees) will give you a chance to take it easy while still attending to the busyness that oftens comes with the Virgo energy. Venus in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces ...

March 15, 2021

New Moon in Aquarius 12 February, 2021: The Most Important New Moon of 2021

This is the most important New Moon of 2021.  The New Moon phase is the ideal time to set your intentions for what you want for your future, however in order to do this, we must break free of the old patterns that keep us stuck.  Breaking free req...

March 10, 2021

Full Moon in Leo 29 January, 2021: Heat and Power

The Full Moon signifies completion, culmination or letting go.   The Full Moon in Leo at 9°, 5 minutes you may want to see where this is in your chart and what other planets you have a 9°.   This could be time of bring creative projects to completion or ...

March 09, 2021

New Moon in Capricorn 12, 13 January 2021: Setting the Theme for 2021

Setting the theme for 2021 starts with the first New Moon in Capricorn on 12 or 13 January 2021 depending on your location.    The New Moon signifies the beginning of a new cycle.  This New Moon is occuring in the constellation of Capricorn, an Cardinal Earth sign.