April 9, 2021

Full Moon in Libra 29th March, 2021: Balance the Heart

Full Moon in Libra 29th March, 2021:  Balance the Heart

The Full Moon in Libra will be at 8 degrees and 18 minutes on the 29th Libra in Australia. Check your location to see time and in what house this will fall in your own chart. 

The Moon represents our inner world of emotions and feelings.  Libra makes us aware of others and where imbalances are.    With the Full Moon illuminating that which we can keep out of sight of others will rise up to your attention.    Where you are balanced in your life runs smoothly but where things are in imbalance we have constant opportunities to bring back to equilibrium.   

This can occur in areas of our close relationships, partnerships, finances and social circles.   In this podcast you will discover more about the Moon and the sign of Libra to help your awareness grow.

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I’m Kerrie Hourigan and Thank you for tuning in.  This Full Moon in Libra will be at 8° 8 minutes so its always interesting to see where this is transiting in your chart to see what house it falls in and what this means for you.   You can get a free natal chart with transits at www.astro.com

The Moon Represents Our Emotions

The Moon represents our emotional nature, how we emotionally respond to others,   our inner security and what fulfills us on a daily basis.  It is that very private part of ourselves, relating to our past, home and childhood.   It shows how we express our feelings and our emotional behaviour. 

The Moon Represents the Maternal

In Astrology the Moon represents the Maternal and our maternal instincts, how we nurture ourselves and others.  Our Moon sign reveals the way we find emotional security and how we provide reassurance to those we love. 

Your Moon sign can reveal your interaction and the relationship with your mother, or the motherly figure and the maternal people in your life.  In regards to our own emotional needs, your Moon sign will tell you how you can soothe and nurture yourself and what we look to receive from others to nourish, soothe and nurture us.    

Vulnerability Expressed Through Your Moon Sign

What do we do when we don’t feel the emotional support and comfort from another?  We feel vulnerable!  This is not easily expressed as it is felt in that very deep part of ourselves.  

When you think of it, the Moon only comes out at night. Here it is very easy to hide in the shadows where we are not judged or criticised.   When our deep emotions are activated our true self is revealed.  Being vulnerable is where you find your greatest strength.

Inner Security Can Only Come From Within

Our Inner Security can only come from within. When we look for and believe our inner security can only be found in something outside of us whether that is through another person or in material things we fool ourselves although it can feel that way.

As Buddha would say, All these things are temporary as people can leave us whether they literally leave or die, and things can be taken away in some form, such as the loss of a job.  

When we realise and understand the only place we find true inner security is within us.  This is TRUE EMPOWERMENT, not realising this sends us into a life crisis and this is normally where people will seek out an astrologer.

Distortions of the Moon:

Because the Moon rules our “feeling nature” there are no rules or guidelines to follow. Our emotional responses occur with no forethought and our actions can be unreasonable, out of control and distorted.  

The Moon Tells You About Your Emotions

Your natal Moon placement reveals how you express your feelings, emotional behaviour, and your emotional response to others.  Say your natal Moon is in Aries.  This can suggest an instinctual response.  One example could be impulsive even explosive in speaking first and thinking later or on the other hand being assertive in taking action to get a new project off the ground with great enthusiasm and excitement.  

Because the Moon travels through the zodiac quickly spending around two and a half days in each sign it can sway our moods.   This is why some people may react and feel more emotional around the full moon.

Generally if your natal moon is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) your emotional reactions can be big and over the top.   If  your natal moon is in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) you most likely are more emotional grounding.  If you have your natal moon in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you will feel your emotions at the deepest and most meaningful  levels and lastly if your natal moon is in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) you will have a more detached and intellectual view.

How The Moon Sign Affects Your Sun Sign

We always have to consider the placements and effects of the Moon and Sun. The Sun and the Moon are the dualities of the light and the dark and are known as the Luminaries.   The Luminaries are the deep personal energies of the seen and the unseen parts of the human psyche.  

Looking at the natal Sun and Moon’s placements reveals a great deal especially when tension is experienced.  If your Sun and Moon are placed in the same element you may not feel the tension.  If, however the Moon is in a Water sign and Sun in a Fire sign the person may be gentler and more passive than the direct and over the top way of a Fire sign.

Moon Sign in Relationships

The Moon is a good indicator for compatibility in relationships.  Knowing another’s Moon sign can help in having a harmonious relationship as it represents our most private and instinctual emotions. 

In romantic relationships opening one’s heart can be the most vulnerable feeling there is.  Your Moon sign will activate when dealing with intimate, sentimental, and emotionally interwoven relationships.  All the more reason to explore and learn more of you and the other persons Moon placements.

Other Keywords Associated with the Moon

The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th house, here we become consciously aware of ourselves in feeling our emotions.  The Moon represents our EGO and how we see ourselves inwardly.  The EGO is our self-image and is necessary to experience our life.   Everyone that has walked this Earth had an EGO, Jesus and Buddha had an EGO.

Some keywords associated with the Moon are intuition, inner security and safety, sensitivity, home, children, family, ancestors, mother or most nurturing figure, subjective, protective, touchy, receptivity, nurturing and moody.

If you would like to know where your Natal Moon is, you can access a Free Astrology Mini Report with Natal Chart and discover how your emotions, personality and inner life is affected.   There is a link below.

The Full Moon:  The Full Moon phase is when the Sun and Moon are at 180° opposing each other marking the beginning of the Moon’s “waning” phase sending the energy outward. This is a time of completion. closure or resolve.  Here we can continue, course correct or let go. 


Libra is a Cardinal Air meaning it is an initiating sign ruled by Venus.  Medically it rules the kidneys, bladder, veins and lower back.  Here the energy is sent outwards from the centre.   Libra is where we begin our interaction with others hence it rules the 7th house of close relationships and partnerships.  With the symbol of the “Scales” we equate Libra with the principal of “I Balance”.

In traditional astrology Libra is associated with a strong sense of justice, diplomacy,  harmony, and fairness.  Those with strong Libran energy often see both sides of a situation and will take on the role of the peacemaker.  

Libra is known for its beauty because of its ruling planet Venus.   Libran people often make good interior designers.  They usually have a sense of style and fashion, always looking their best.  With the love of surrounding themselves with beautiful things they do like the finer things in life.  Because Libra is ruled by Venus it also relates to money issues, those with activated Libran energy to be aware of their spending.

As one of the Air signs Libra is very social, all the Air signs are.  Traditionally the 7th house of Libra is seen as the house of marriage; in Evolutionary Astrology however it is seen more as the outer face of marriage and Scorpio as the sign of marriage.  This is because Scorpio is more related to issues of commitment, sexual union, and betrayal.

Libra is the sign of extremes where the aim is to find the balance between the two to keep on an even keel.  To do this one must experience the Alpha and Omega. 

Libra is the archetype of initiating relationships learning about others in a variety of different types of people to experience and learn about social equality.

The Distortion of Libra:

The shadow of Libra comes from the lower vibrations which can be expressed in neediness, projection, and expectations.  Libra is where the “psychology of listening” sits relating in relation to the nature of relationships. 

In the energy of Libra we learn how to give to others instead of taking.  This is how Libra learns the skill of “I Balance”. 

Libra can be indecisive, flip flopping from one thing to another finding difficulty in deciding. 

Because Libra rules close relationships and partnerships we learn the Psychology of Listening.   It is listening to what is true in another’s experience not through the filter of our perception and expectation. 

Distorted Libran energy in relationships leads to co-dependency, low self-worth, lack of boundaries, inability to understand and clearly communicate (lack of listening), emotional addictions, lingering fear of upsetting someone, feels like “walking on eggshells” around others and people pleasing.   Losing oneself to another for approval, acceptance, or love. 

Example of Extreme - Fractured EGO:

Because Libra is one of the cardinal signs therefore stressful aspects to Cancer (EGO structure), Capricorn and Pisces can produce the possibility of different forms of mental illness that can be found in the Libran archetype.  Psychologically, this can range from depression (Capricorn), fractured EGO (Cancer) and the rawness of an open wound that won’t heal resulting in feeling victimised, guilty, endless pain and suffering.   

The extreme of this imbalance is losing ourselves to something outside of us, here we call on the polarity of Aries which helps us find the strength and courage in ourselves.

Brilliance of Libra:

The Libra archetype makes us very aware of our imbalances.  Where we are needy, indecisive, don’t listen to others and lack of healthy boundaries.    This is necessary for our evolution to become wiser and empowered.  Here the concepts of change by necessity and choice are our greatest allies.  

Look where you allow your power to be taken, where you give it away for approval, acceptance and for love.  This is good news and is necessary so we can realise we always have the Power of Choice, ALWAYS.  

 Full Moon in Libra:

The Full Moon in Libra will give you more awareness of the imbalances and the balances in your life where you can complete, bring to a resolution, correct, or let go.

Look to see where you are out of balance in your life, here’s a few areas.

  • The Psychology of Listening: Your ability to listen or not.  Where do you listen and where don’t you listen?  Projection and expectations?
  • Do you were a “mask” in regards to your close relationships and partnerships?
  • What do you value in your interactions with others? What do you value in yourself in regards to the interactions with others?
  • Do you put in healthy boundaries?
  • Finances: Are your finances well managed or do you overspend and can’t manage your debts? (Sue’s Finance Course)

The purpose of being out of balance is to make you aware of what adjustments you can make to bring you back to equilibrium and a feeling of wholeness.   

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Thank You for listening!

Blessings to you!