May 25, 2021

Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse 26th May, 2021 - A Time of Great Change

Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse 26th May, 2021 - A Time of Great Change

The Super Full Moon will be happening at 5 degrees 25 minutes with the Total Lunar Eclipse occuring just 4 minutes later. 
This is a very powerful event for change.  Change is necessary and this will be an opportunity for you to let go of what does not s...

The Super Full Moon will be happening at 5 degrees 25 minutes with the Total Lunar Eclipse occuring just 4 minutes later. 

This is a very powerful event for change.  Change is necessary and this will be an opportunity for you to let go of what does not serve you anymore.  The Full Moon phase is a time to bring things to a closure or completion to resolve or let go, therefore they also relate to the letting go of what is no longer serving us.     

Eclipses are also about change, they can be sudden and rapid, thank fully we have a lot of mutable energy activated so we can adapt.  

Sagittarius relates to our belief systems, truth, natural law and humor just to name a few giving us the gift to view things from different perspectives.   See where this event is transiting in your chart to help you address what is ready for change in your life.

Meditation will be a great tool to help with any confusion you may experience as Neptune is in Pisces along with Jupiter.  Neptune is known as the "great dissolver" and Jupiter "the expander"  also check to see what areas of your life is ready for expansion. 

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Hi, I’m Kerrie Hourigan and Thank you for tuning in.  I’ll be covering in the podcast The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius that will be at 5° 25 minutes, the Total Lunar Eclipse happening just 4 minutes later at 5° 29’ and numerous other placements that will support us as we shed and let go to continue the transition to a new age.

Some of us are more aware of this great change and we can help others understand what is happening to help them move into this new world, why this change is inevitable so we can have a kinder, more compassionate world with equality and balance for all who dwell here.

It’s a good idea to have your natal chart handy, you can get a free natal chart with transits at and also available is a FREE Mini Astrology Report that includes a very detailed natal chart from Astrology in You.   Just click on the link below!

We not only have a Full Moon but a Super Full Blood Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse happening within 4 minutes of each other.  This will be happening at 9:14am on 26th May on the east coast of Australia so be sure to check your location.

It is a “Super Full Moon” meaning it is closer to the Earth and will be a Blood Moon.  Astronomically speaking the light is refracted inward making the Moon appear red.

I have a link to a National Geographic YouTube video explaining what happens and a video showing the path the  Total Lunar eclipse path across the Earth.  

It travels over Australia and just north of New Zealand according to the video.

So that’s astronomically speaking, astrologically speaking there are conflicting interpretations with astrologers in regard to Blood Moons.  It is my understanding this is a time of great change and a time of reflection. 

So, astrologically speaking this is a very powerful time.  Eclipses are associated  unexpected random events. They shake us up and can uproot us to get our attention so we keep moving forward to a higher level.  Eclipses are associated with intensity  as we have to adapt quickly to sudden change.

Like the Full Moon, Lunar eclipses are about bringing something to a completion stage to receive the new.  

The Moon is associated with the emotional and psychological part of ourselves in our feelings of inner safety and security.  Inner security can only come from within us.  When we put our security into things and people outside of us and they are taken away or leave it sends us into fear, despair and even depression. 

Being aware our real security is within gives us strength and courage to get us through those stressful times.  It is part of life that nothing stays the same continuously. There is a time for endings and new beginnings.  

The Moon relates to our sensitivities, intuition, and nurturing correlating with our self-image and how we see ourselves inwardly, in other words our EGO.

Understanding our EGO has it standing beside us as our ally instead of something we go into battle with.   When we are in conflict with ourselves the EGO screams to be understood.

It is my understanding the confused EGO uses stressful thoughts causing us feelings of insecurity to get our attention.  The EGO is always looking for a place of safety.  

Once we understand our confused EGO (our mind or feeling body) and investigate these stressful thoughts we become EMPOWERED, clear, and strong.  To do this we must look at ourselves.   See the work of the wonderful Byron Katie for a process to unravel the confused and stressful thoughts to end suffering.

Part of suffering is to bring our attention to those things that keep us stuck.  Once understood we can let go and have freedom to our future. 

What I love about Evolutionary Astrology is the gift it gives to look at our lives in an evolutionary way.  I’ll be putting up some video series to explain this better soon. 

With the Super Full Moon some people will be triggered more than others for change in their life to occur. 

The Full Moon

So, the full Moon phase of completion, culmination, and closure.  It is a time to let go and bring resolution to keep moving on.   This can sometimes be a time of finding the psychological balance between the two extremes.  Check what houses the Full Moon is transiting in your chart.

Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Starting with Sagittarius, it is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter in the 9th house. Medically it rules the hips, thighs, sacrum and liver (largest internal organ). 

The archetype of Sagittarius knows no bounds, it goes as high, far, and as wide as possible.  There is a conscious awareness we are connected to something greater.


This leads to philosophy and contemplation on the existence of something greater and more to what we have been told. In other words our search for TRUTH. 

It connects with our belief systems and how we perceive our reality and what is true for you.  Our attitude to our life and living is created from how we perceive reality.  With Byron Katie, “the work” as she calls it is all about finding the TRUTH.  “is it true?” is the first question that requires, contemplation, speculation....she calls it a “meditation” and you will find the Truth.  The Truth Shall Set You FREE to find peace and end all suffering.  The Truth ALWAYS rises.

Sagittarius people are known for their honesty, like all fire signs they will be very direct however they can be brutal and can often be unaware how hurtful their delivery can be. 

Belief Systems

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, easily adapting to different situations.  This is one of the great gifts of Sagittarius as it allows us to see things from a different perspective.  

Do you have limiting beliefs like “I can’t do it”?  What if you said the opposite “I can do it” whatever your limiting belief is, try a different perspective and find three examples.  

One of the things Sagittarius does is it generalises beliefs, meaning this is the way it is for me therefore this is the way it is for you.   There is an arrogance with Sagittarius in this way as there is a tendency to try to convince and convert someone to agree to their point of view. 

This comes from a place of their insecurity as believing and accepting their point which serves them in making them feel secure (Cancer squared).  What is needed is more information (Gemini polarity) The polarity of Sagittarius is Gemini.  

to arrive at the total truth (Pisces). The mutable modality.

Natural Law 

The deepest truth relates to Sagittarius is with natural law.  There is a fundamental difference between natural law and man-made law.   Man-made law correlates to the delusion that man is the superior species or any other form of creation including the planet, animals etc.  

Those who believe this seem to be unaware of the dire consequences.  We are part of nature and on a certain level we connect to every living thing on Earth and beyond.  We know we are connected because we feel compassion and empathy.


On a lighter Sagittarius is connected with humour.  Thank goodness, we need this as Sagittarius follows Scorpio which can be so intense. Sagittarian people are fun to be around.   Sagittarius people are fun to be around and incredibly generous.

We find a lot of Sagittarius energy in the charts of comedians as they can tell a story like no other.  One of my favourite Sagittarians is Byron Katie.  Even as she is taking people through “the work” she will find humour in some of the most serious of topics.

Laughing is one of the best things to do for our bodies.   It not only boosts your mood but strengthens your immune system, protects you against stress, triggers endorphins and even burns calories! 

Sagittarius is enthusiastic and positive. Freedom is very important and loves to travel and explore.  Sagittarius is also connected to the Law. 

Jupiter the Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius just entering Pisces.  Jupiter in Pisces is a beautiful placement as you can show yourself more love and compassion.  It is the ancient ruler of Pisces so it sits very comfortably here.  Jupiter is also known as the expander so check in your chart to see where you will experience expansion in your life. 

Neptune is also there in Pisces so this gives us access to different dimensions, to bring things into the world from our imagination.   Be more aware of your dreams, imagination.  You may like to delve into the creative, be it poetry, music, painting or decorating your house.   Jupiter rules the right brain so compassion, love, philosophy and creativity is strong here.

When Sagittarius expresses it distorted side it reveals how over the top it can go.  There is a tendency to overreact, overspend, (Sue’s financial course for discipline) overindulge, overeat, exaggerate, and embellish prone to lie. 

In my understanding insecurity and feelings of safety (Moon) is behind these distortions.

Saturn Squares Uranus

This is the major theme of 2021.  This is the biggest astrology event that lastly occurred 22 years ago.  This is also a signature for great change. 

Saturn on one hand is about rules, boundaries, and patience.  Uranus is the planet of freedom, rebellion, and liberation.  The aspect of the  creates tension and pressure. Uranus is not about patience and can bring on sudden shocks in order for change to occur.  It breaks us free of limitations that are too restrictive.

Saturn is in Aquarius which Uranus naturally rules so there is a very strong connection here.  Uranus is in Taurus, Taurus rules the land, associated with money, stock market, property, banking.  There also could be seismic activity so we will  keep an eye on these areas.

So we will have to observe in the next few months how this will play out.  Very powerful time. We could see many sudden changes, thank fully there is a lot of mutable energy which will help us to adapt.  

Mars in Cancer

Mars currently has its placement in Cancer where the forward and impulsive energy is tempered here due to Cancer’s sensitivity and feelings of vulnerability.   In saying that Mars gives us the courage to bring us out of our comfort zone to explore new territory.  

Wrap Up

We are going through radical and great changes and some people who really don’t understand that these changes are necessary and inevitable will struggle greatly.

So I would like you to know I am here to help and support you through this time.  I recently come across THRIVE ll, This is What it Takes describes as

“a groundbreaking documentary which takes you behind the scenes with the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for all of us”. 

I encourage you to go and watch this documentary, all you have to do is register.  The link is below.

There is a Total Solar Eclipse happening on June 10 with the New Moon in Gemini signifying new beginnings.   Neptune is the great dissolver and with Jupiter also in Pisces will expand the process of gradual change into a new world.  

We are going through the “eye of the needle”   Great transformations are underway. We have Pluto in Capricorn till January 2024 that is continuing to deconstruct and break down the old ways in areas of politics, finance, religion to name a few.

So keep dropping into your heart.   Explore and find your own truth, let go of what doesn’t work for you.  Laugh more, be in nature more, be more creative and most importantly show yourself love, kindness and know change is always to support us.  

Imagine and ponder on a world of kindness, love and understanding, feel it for yourself and all of nature.

I always recommend a Meditation practice.   When we get out of the busyness of our own heads clarity comes. When our minds are active and cluttered it impairs our path to continue forward.

Meditation with others is also powerful, the world is going through a very stressful time on so many levels.   We can aim high and set our intentions collectively  For a healthy planet, for the animals and us all.  Governments will not do this; it is up to you and me!

Thank You for listening, I hope you visit again.

Love and Blessings to you and yours and bye for now!